Executive Board

Executive Board Members

The Executive Board is the governing body of the NHLWAA and is made up of members of the association. The Executive Board is made up of one (1) President, two (2) Vice-Presidents, two (2) Secretaries, one (1) Treasurer and voting members. Membership on the Executive Board is obtained via means as outlined in the By-Laws.

PresidentTodd MarshWelfare Director,  City of Rochester603.332.3505  
Vice PresidentPat MurphyWelfare Administrator,  Town of Merrimack 603.423.8535
TreasurerMarilyn Ceriello BresawDirector of Human Services,  Town of Hopkinton603.746.8244
Co-SecretaryEllen TullyWelfare Director,  City of Portsmouth603.610.7267
Co-SecretaryDenise GreigWelfare Administrator,  Town of Deerfield603.463.8811  
EC MemberCharleen MichaudWelfare Director,  City of Manchester603.657.2746
EC MemberDana BrienWelfare Director,  Town of Hillsborough603.464.7974
EC MemberTrish CarusoWelfare Administrator,  Town of Allenstown603.485.4276, Ext. 110  
EC MemberSusan DrewWelfare Director,  Town of Milford603.249.0672  
EC MemberKaren Emis-WilliamsWelfare Director,  City of Concord603.225.8575  
EC MemberRobert MackWelfare Officer,  City of Nashua603.589.4555  
EC MemberBJ ParkerGeneral Assistance Officer,  Town of Conway603.447.3811, Ext. 214
EC MemberNatalie DarcyHuman Services Manager, City of Keene603.357.9809, Ext. 6013