From your President

It has been a year of challenge and adaptation to ensure continued commitment to our association’s mission of educating and supporting compliant, humanitarian and fiscally responsible assistance practices when assisting residents with NH RSA 165 obligated basic needs.  We continue to expand education opportunities and supports for members.

Training sessions and workshops continue to be offered, including September, February and April trainings, a June Welfare 101 Workshop, including updated Welfare Guidelines and the NH Municipal Association Annual Conference in November.  Professional development maximizes knowledge, appropriate referrals and legal compliance, which minimizes the fiscal impact on your municipality’s general assistance budget.   Trainings provide excellent networking opportunities, which are vital for experienced peer support, shared knowledge and fostering professional cooperative relationships with area local welfare peers.

We are excited to offer a new professional development opportunity by providing members access to the Ryan Dowd Virtual Homeless Training Institute.  The training will provide increased knowledge and improved techniques to navigate residents experiencing homelessness more effectively, substance misuse and mental health difficulties.

Your membership strengthens our efforts to share our professional insight selectively and collectively regarding existing and proposed government legislation.

A professional software package, known as NH GAP (General Assistance Program) has been available since 11/01/14. NH GAP provides more effective, efficient and uniform local welfare administration, including standard decision print outs, case notes, statistics, shared applicant contacts with other NH GAP users and much more.  Information for NH GAP, including pricing based on municipal populations, can be obtained from Stonehill Municipal Solutions at [email protected].

Attached is the Membership Application due by 08/01/21.  Membership dues is based on your municipality’s population.  Meetings will continue to be offered at the low cost of $15 each session for members. Non-members are charged $30 per session. Costs to NHLWAA and rates to members are reviewed and considered yearly.  We strive to minimize costs to members.

Thank you for continuing or considering NHLWAA membership and supporting our ongoing efforts to assist municipalities provide professional local welfare general assistance administration to those in need.  Additional information can be found at our website


Todd M. Marsh
NHLWAA President
[email protected]