Mission Statement
The mission of the New Hampshire Local Welfare Administrators’ Association is to provide and maintain support to its membership through leadership and education to assure the uniform, humane, equitable and ethical administration of RSA 165 – municipal assistance.

Values Statement
The New Hampshire Local Welfare Administrators’ Association instills an empathic and empowering approach in providing assistance to those in need. The needs of those requesting assistance shall be met in the most beneficial and cost efficient manner possible, while respecting the confidentiality of the applicants. This is accomplished through fair and uniform application of the law and guidelines, while providing support and direction in necessary life skills for applicants by trained and educated welfare administrators.

History of Welfare
RSA 165 indicates the following:

Whenever a person in any town is poor and unable to support himself, he shall be relieved and maintained by the overseers of public welfare of such town, whether or not he has residence there.

This statute has been in effect in one way, shape or form for over 200 years. Each municipality is required to provide general assistance under this statute and develop guidelines to administer said assistance. The New Hampshire Local Welfare Administrators’ Association has been providing education and training to municipal welfare administrators for the benefit of both the applicant and the community.

RSA 165 Aid to Assisted Persons at the New Hampshire General Court.