June 18, 2018

To NHLWAA members and prospective members,

It is that time of year again to join or renew your membership to the New Hampshire Local Welfare Administrators Association.  Membership rates are based on population of your municipality. By continuing or becoming a member, we unite in a professional organization that collectively strengthens our efforts to promote leadership in areas of professional development, legislation and policy that challenge our responsibilities under local welfare.

Education and training continues to be the cornerstone to our NHLWAA membership.  The goal is to fulfill our legal obligation under RSA 165 and provide information and training while allowing us to balance the responsibility to our tax payers and residents in need.  NHLWAA membership also allows notification and participation in the June Workshop and November Annual Conference with NH Municipal Association.

Training meetings are offered in September, February, and April.  At these trainings, you will learn from various state and regional agencies what programs are offered that you can access in order to maximize the assistance you are able to provide to your clients.  Leveraging these outside resources will also allow you to minimize the impact local assistance has on your budget.  These trainings also provide excellent networking opportunities.  Come, meet and get to know your fellow welfare officers to find support and learn tips and techniques to better serve your community.

Meetings will continue to be offered at the low cost of $15 each session for members. Non-members are charged $30 per session.   We are trying to keep membership and session rates the same but please be aware that rates may increase in the next membership year.  We have been subsidizing the June Conference to also keep those rates affordable but next year we will not be able keep NHMA from increasing them.

NHLWAA originally funded the development of a professional software package that addresses the uniqueness of local welfare in NH and creates a uniformity of local welfare administration. NHLWAA worked with Stonehill Municipal Solution in the development of this software called NH GAP (General Assistance Program) which was launched on November 1, 2014. Information for this software can be obtained from Stonehill Municipal Solutions at

Attached is the Membership Application with dues based on your municipality’s population. Payment will be due by August 1, 2018.  Thank you for being a part of the NHLWAA and for your ongoing support of the work that the NHLWAA does to assist municipalities in providing general assistance to those in need in our communities. More information and communication can be found at our website at which your membership supports.


Patricia Murphy
NHLWAA President

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